401(k) landing

Read This First

The Merriman Financial Education Foundation has studied the investment options in the retirement plans offered by the U.S. federal government Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) and 100 of America’s largest corporate employers.

For each plan, Paul makes specific recommendations for choosing from among those options.  You will find percentage allocations for aggressive, moderate and conservative portfolios. In general, younger investors should choose more aggressive allocations, while those closer to retirement should choose more conservative allocations. 

To use this list, please do the following:

1. Read Paul’s article, How to make the most of your 401(k) plan

2. Click here to access 401(k) Recommendations of 100 of America’s largest corporate employers and the U.S. government TSP.

3. Scroll the alphabetical list and click though to your company’s or TSP 401(k) Plan.

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5. Read the disclaimer.

6. Let us know if you find discrepancies or if your plan options change by emailing: 401k@paulmerriman.com

7.  Listen to Paul’s short introduction to 401(k) Plans. For more, listen to his podcast.