October 31, 2013


30 Years of Merriman and Sound Investing
Dear Friends:

Merriman LLC, the company I founded and retired from almosttwo years ago, recently celebrated 30 years of providing investment services. To commemorate, the company brought together and videotaped CEO Colleen Lindstrom, former CEO Jeff Merriman-Cohen and myself at a special roundtable dinner with some of the longest tenured Merriman employees, Kim Bourassa, Dave Spratt and Cheryl Curran.

I’m pleased to share with you videos from this event. You’ll get the inside scoop on Merriman and the evolution of the firm over the past three decades. We talk about everything from the introduction of computers to the more recent Focus partnership and the transition to wealth management. If you’ve ever wanted to know what really goes on at Merriman, these videos are a must watch. I hope you enjoy these videos, as we sure had a lot of fun making them.

As most of you know, since my retirement, I’ve devoted myself to educating investors, through my Foundation and free resources like weekly MarketWatch articles, weeklypodcasts, updated mutual fund and ETF recommendationsand eBooks. I encourage you to follow me on social media and to share these resources widely friends and family.

In light of the videos celebrating 30 years of Merriman, I want to especially recommend that you read “Get Smart or Get Screwed: How To Select The Best and Get The Most From Your Financial Advisor“. In it, Rich Buck and I identify the many pitfalls investors encounter in working with brokers and advisors, and how you can avoid them. It’s a quick read that can save you countless dollars, headaches and regrets.

I thank you for being on this journey with me and invite your comments and questions at info@paulmerriman.com

To your success,


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