What Our Readers and Listeners Are Saying

“I’m going to use your system. I was following Dr Bernstein’s which is practically the same. However, I really appreciate your personal involvement and the responses you have made to me. I think you do great work.  I think John Bogle does great work too, so you are in good company.” – John Anderson

“I am an avid listener to your superb podcasts, and love your no-frills common sense in an age of hyperbole.” – Michael Taylor
“Paul, I have been a listener of your podcasts for about 4 or 5 years now and thanks to you my wife and I will have a lot better retirement.  There is so much financial advice out there that is just pure crap. I only wish I had found you years sooner.”  – Ron Caldwel 

“I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise and helping me understand the investing world. I have recently finished one of your books, have been reading your e-newsletter, and listening to your podcast. It’s been invaluable.” – P. Harrison

“I am making your videos required viewing, and your books required reading, for my wife and kids. I just wish I met you thirty years ago! ” – C.W.

“To say I enjoyed your talk [to benefit Feed The Hungry SMA] is an understatement. Having watched your PBS show, heard you speak, and mostly absorbed information by osmosis from [my husband] over the years, I was struck by how clearly you presented your beliefs and how strongly you project your passion for helping people with all the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years. You present the detailed evidence that makes your case and show the logic of the process that is just so obvious and reasonable when compared to the emotional appeal of most other approaches. Gosh, that was a lot of words to say you’re good!”  – D.S.

“Paul, You know your stuff.  I know because I have been following you for more than 20 years.  Your advice is amazing and you are responsible for most of my knowledge in investing.  I started with your print newsletter back in the 80’s.  I still have those newsletters in a notebook that I refer to periodically.  I followed your timing models for many years.  Then as you added a “buy and hold” portion to your philosophy, I added B&H to my timing approach for diversification. Although I now use my own timing model, your B&H philosophy is still the major portion of my portfolio.  My portfolio includes 35% US, 25% int’l and 40% bonds with equal portions of large, small, growth and value in each component.

Your articles are the equivalent of a college degree in investing for the average investor who is willing to spend the time to learn to do their own investing.  One comment you made 25 years ago inspired me to learn to be my own investment advisor: “No one cares about your money as much as you do and no one will be as careful with it as you.”  I will be retiring in a few years and thanks to you, my retirement will really be “the golden years.” – Martin Kennedy

“Dear Mr. Merriman,

A wholehearted thank you for the wonderful work that you do and the many people you help navigate through the truly daunting task of preparing their investments for retirement. I am grateful.

I’m a PBS member and received your books and cds when I made a contribution after watching the show.  I read, re-read, poured over, highlighted and studied the materials carefully and ultimately used them to help me make a plan.

I recoiled from investing about 10 year ago after losing half my savings in a clever ponzi scheme being run out of Wells Fargo Bank (!!).  My risk tolerance was never high to begin with and that event, to say the least, didn’t help.  So, the net result is today my savings are in money markets and CDs at Vanguard.  I’ve known for a while that I had to do something, but couldn’t get up the nerve. Your gentle voice of reason, clear explanations and encouragement helped me tune out the noise, get focused, and dare to take a new step.” Andrea Blum, Cambridge, MA

The following quotes are from the Bogleheads.org Forum Dec. 15, 2011

“I have known Paul for a fairly long time and he truly is one of the good guys in the business. He always tries to do what he believes is the right thing for people. His efforts on PBS are purely not for profit and he is donating any royalties he makes; and note that he is actually retired from the RIA business.” – Larry

“I have listened to Paul’s podcasts for some time now. He is excellent at explaining complex concepts to beginners IMO. He knows the business, the sales traps, defined contribution plans and their schemes, 403b, 401k, and the investing process inside and out with indexing and low fees.”
– ‪schullo 

“I like his books and his websites and pretty much anything he puts out. He has seen it all.” – riskonoff 

“I like Merriman a lot and find the downloads on his site to be sound and easy to understand. Its quite obvious the influence his Ultimate Buy & Hold portfolio has had because you see it presented on this site so often (I myself use it as the basis for my own portfolio).  Big thumbs up for Paul Merriman from this corner of the world.” –HongKonger

“Paul is doing that PBS show to help raise funding for PBS. Paul has been wonderfully generous to me over the years, even giving me his books, that I might help others who had questions about investments. He has graciously answer my questions about investments over the years. He’s definitely one of the good guys. His online investment show, “Sound investing,” was something I didn’t miss for years. Mr. Merriman earned my respect.” – rustymutt

“His book Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money is a worthwhile read, and compares favorably with books by Larry Swedroe and William Bernstein.” – jginseattle

“Paul Merriman’s site and podcasts are excellent. His advice is good. He’s generally very much in keeping with sound Boglehead philosophy.” – ‪lmpmd