qandaQ: How can you write, "dont pay a commission for a fund blah blah blah"?

Q: How can you write, “don't pay a commission for a fund blah blah blah”? Why don’t you just write, “Please get a wrap account with my firm so I can get paid to do nothing by swiping a cool 1% of your assets each year”? Oh, I guess you forgot that little rule, lol. You are just like the rest of them. Yeah, I am the only poor advisor because I’m not able to just tell little lies. I don’t expect a reply, you guys never do.

A:  I enjoyed your email. I am completely retired and have spent my retirement trying to help investors take better care of their investments, which includes underwriting a university course helping college students do the right thing as they make their first investments.  I have been helping do-it-yourself investors use the best asset allocation I know, with the Vanguard funds, for over 15 years. What do I get out of this?  A sense of helping others improve their financial future.  

For every email like yours, I get hundreds thanking me for my effort and I appreciate every one. I cannot accomplish what I want if my readers conclude I’m getting something out of this. Go to my website – no advertisements.  Go to my website – free books for simply signing up for my bi-weekly newsletter that you can unsubscribe from anytime. My suspicion is you have not looked at any of my free books. Please take a look and let me know if you still think I’m a fake. I could use your closing sentence, “I don’t expect a reply, you guys never do,” but I think this might be the exception. I look forward to hearing from you.