Merriman Financial Education Foundation Funds
WWU Course

June 2013

Paul Merriman, President of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, is pleased to announce the completion of curriculum development for the course funded at Western Washington University, Merriman’s alma mater. The 4-credit course, “Personal Investing”, aimed at non-finance majors, filled for its first offering Fall 2013, to be taught by faculty member Pamela La Bord.

In May, Merriman spent two days on the WWU campus addressing more than 600 students and faculty about their financial future.

“This is the most important work I’m doing. In retrospect, much of the work I’ve done has been to educate people who have biases that keep them from doing the right thing. Students have not been tainted by the myths of investing, so it’s my hope they will have the knowldege and courage from this course to make the right and best investment decisions throughout their lives,” sai Merriman.

Included in funding for the curriculum and class instruction is a long-term study on the effects of this course on the lives of students. Also, WWU intends to develop an online version for both the public and student credit.

For more information, contact: Aysha Griffin, Communications Director




Contact: Aysha Griffin, Communications Director
Regalo LLC

August 2012

Nationally-Known Financial Advisor Retires To Write “How To Invest” series and Donate All Profits

Paul A. Merriman has been educating and empowering Americans to grow and protect their money for over 40 years, and isn’t about to stop now. Merriman, 68, recently released First-Time Investor: Grow and Protect Your Money, the first book in his “How To Invest” series. All profits from the sale of print and eBooks are donated to educational non-profit organizations.

Retired from the investment advisory firm he founded in Seattle, WA in 1982 –that employs more than 40 people and manages $1.5 billion in investments for 2,000 U.S. families – Merriman is a nationally recognized authority on mutual funds, asset allocation and retirement planning.

He is a speaker, podcaster and author of Financial Fitness Forever“(McGraw Hill 2011), Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money (Wiley 2008), and co-producer of the PBS series “Financial Fitness Over 50”.

“I want to present the most concise and specific, easy-to-implement advice to ensure that more people enjoy peace of mind, a full life, and are able to leave the legacy they choose,” says Merriman.

Upcoming book topics, under Merriman’s “Regalo” imprint, include: How To Get The Most From Your Financial Advisor, Index Funds, and Retirement Planning For Women.

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