GET SMART or GET SCREWED: How To Select The Best and Get The Most From Your Financial Advisor

Paul Merriman's "How To Invest" Series, Book 2

GET SMART or GET SCREWED: How To Select The Best and Get The Most From Your Financial Advisor gives you insights into the variety of financial brokers and advisors, and the services they can — and should — offer.

It includes extensive lists of questions you should ask and services you should receive from an advisor, and reasons why the brokerage industry is not serving your best interests.

To ensure that you “Get Smart,” Paul helps you understand how to find and work with competent and ethical advisors, firms and products. Getting the best and most from your advisor will save you time, grow your money, and give you peace of mind. Whether you are a first-time or savvy investor, you will learn new ways to avoid the plethora of pitfalls many investors encounter.



“No one understands what it takes to be a successful investor better than Paul Merriman.” — Bill Schultheis, author, The Coffeehouse Investor

“Paul has spent a lifetime learning the techniques that make him an outstanding teacher of investing. Now it’s your turn to benefit from his knowledge.” — Knight Kiplinger, Editor in Chief, Kiplinger financial media company


Paul A. Merriman’s HOW TO INVEST series of print and eBooks provides concise and timeless information to help you achieve a secure financial future and stress-free retirement. Each book addresses specific audiences and investment topics. The first book, First-Time Investor: Grow and Protect Your Money is an essential guide to building and maintaining a successful investment portfolio.

All profits from the sale of this series are donated to educational nonprofit organizations.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Paul, please contact via email.


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"This easy to read and easy to understand book is consistent with the other 4 books of Paul Merriman's that I have now read. What comes through to me loud and clear in each book is that Paul believes in passive investing through diversified index style funds and that a proper fee only adviser with access to DFA funds is a good fit. I read a review that felt his book did not offer anything new. Well, that is exactly what I have liked most about each of his they may be written about different aspects of investing and in different words, they provide a consistent philosophy and recommendation on how to invest. I gave this book to my recently new son-in-law." -Amazon Reader

"Most people I know have a financial advisor, or stockbroker, and hope, without really knowing for sure, that he's doing a good job for them. But there's no reason not to know about something that is so critical as your financial future... except perhaps fear and lack of self-confidence that you will understand what this "professional" is doing. Unfortunately, many in the stock brokerage industry want you to believe you can't understand. But, it's YOUR money. If you're entrusting its management to someone else, why wouldn't you want to know what they're really doing with it? Why wouldn't you want to know all the questions you can - and should - ask to ensure you are getting the best advice, service, and management to reach your financial goals?

Paul Merriman built a successful financial investment and advisory firm based on the clients' best interst and transparency. Now retired, he's a dedicated financial educator and donates all profits from his books to support financial education organizations. In this well-organized, no-fluff book, which is a quick read you can refer to time and again, he makes it easy for you to understand how brokers and advisors work for you, or not, provides insights and cautions, and gives you many real questions to ask your broker or advisor.

"If you want to hide your head in the sand and just "have faith" that someone else is looking out for your best interest, without question, then there's probably no reason to buy this book. But, if you care to take responsibility for ensuring that your advisor is doing his best and all on your behalf, then this book is too valuable not to read and consider!" -A. Griffin