First Time Investor: Grow and Protect Your Money

Paul Merriman's "How To Invest" Series, Book 1

In this book, I give you the steps necessary to build and maintain a successful investment portfolio. You’ll learn exactly what to do to meet your financial goals -- from the day you start saving and investing for your future, and for the rest of your lifetime. If you invest wisely, you may be able to retire while your friends are still chained to their jobs. 

Whether you’re starting out or starting over, this book is for you. You may be 23 and just landed your first job, or you’re 40 and decided to finally get serious about investing, but If you follow the advice you find here, you will have a high probability of being financially independent when your working years are over.

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What You Will Learn:

• How investing really works

• Where you should get your information and place your trust

• How much risk you should take

• How to increase your returns without increasing your risk

• How to avoid becoming the prey of slippery Wall Street salespeople, as well as outright crooks and con artists

Why Start Investing Now:

Most young investors think the lessons of sound investing don’t really matter until they have a lot of money. Many spend a decade or more making unsuitable investments, taking too much risk, or worse: not saving at all. But there are at least three reasons that those early years are extremely important:

1. The much-publicized “magic of compound interest” dictates that every dollar that you invest for 40 years will inevitably be worth much more than a dollar you invest for only 30 years or 20 years.

2. Every beginning investor makes mistakes. You can learn just as much from a $1,000 mistake when you’re young as you can from a $50,000 mistake when you’re older. And the price of the lesson is much lower.

3. The early years are the time you form the habits and attitudes that separate the most successful investors from the also-rans.

Plan To Succeed

If you do the right things for the first 10 years of your working life, you can easily double your income in retirement. Of course nothing is guaranteed, and anything is possible. It’s possible you’ll win the lottery, and a lot of people who have neglected their finances believe that’s their only chance of success. I hope you won’t end up like them. In early 2012, the national lottery reached a record jackpot of $640 million. Three people split the pot. As one newspaper headline noted, there were three winners and 100 million losers. Those are not the kind of odds on which you should rely.

Long-Term Results

As has been said many times, investing is not a sprint but a marathon.  I am not focused on getting good results for you in the next month, the next year or even the next decade.  I am focused on the results that you will have for the rest of your life. If you do the right things from the start, the difference can be huge. And in this book, I show you exactly how to do that.

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"Investing for retirement can be one of the most confusing jobs we have to deal with in our financial lives. [First-Time Investor] explains, in plain English, how to do it right. I like Merriman's continuing goal of helping the new and equally confused investor... He wants you to be educated as to the reasons things work the way they do...His many years of meeting with clients and putting together investment plans has given him the knowledge and a passion for helping people learn how to be successful investors… this book is for the new investor as well as the old. You won't be overwhelmed or bored." 

"I'm a beginning investor, and I have read many of your articles, listened to your podcasts, and just bought your book, "First-Time Investor".  The specific information and recommendations are extremely helpful, and unlike anything else I've found. Also, I especially appreciate your research-based, long-term focus, as well as the courageous stance you take against performance-chasing behavior."

– Aron Samkoff, New Jersey
"I have never been an investor because I didn't know how to get started or what to do, and I was afraid it was like gambling and I'd lose money I couldn't afford to lose. I also thought I needed a lot of money before I could begin. After reading Paul Merriman's "First-Time Investor", I am encouraged and excited that I can do this, and not have to worry or spend a lot of time managing it. It's an easy to read and understand book that gave me clear reasons and examples why I need to start investing now, and exactly how to begin growing my money for my retirement and maybe even my children's future. Thanks, Paul!"

– M. Baxley, South Carolina

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